What nicotine strength should I use?

Coming from smoking, it depends on how much you smoke. For half a pack a day and greater smokers, we recommend 12mg. Less than that should choose 6mg or 0mg.

Why don’t you stock juice higher than 12mg in strength?

We made this decision based on the current devices in the market. Almost all modern devices have very high vapour production, reducing the need for high nicotine levels. We also feel that at higher than 12mg, flavour becomes affected due to the strength of the nicotine.

Do you sell hardware?

At this point, we do not. We plan on selling tanks, drippers, coiling supplies, batteries, mods and other hardware in the near future.

What does your eliquid contain?

All of our eliquid has three main components: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and Flavouring. Additionally, if chosen when you order Рnicotine. The flavorings we use are all FDA approved, and are not oil based. We use USP/BP grade VG and PG in our eliquid.

Does your eliquid contain diacetyl?

All of the flavourings that we use in our eliquid are diacetyl free.

What PG/VG ratio do you use in your eliquid?

All of our eliquid consists of 65% Vegetable Glycerin and 35% Propylene Glycol. We feel that this provides an enjoyable balance of vapour production, flavour and throat hit.

What type of bottles do you use?

All of our 30ml bottles of eliquid come in HDPE (plastic) dropper bottles. Our sample pack bottles come in 10ml PE (plastic) bottles. 120ml bottles are HDPE and have a twist top “unicorn” dropper.